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My renew experience in Cameron Highlands

16 Feb 2014

It has been at least two years since we last visited Cameron Highlands. People around saying it is no longer cooling like previous due to over development, thus we did not put high hope on getting chilled.

It is indeed not as  cold, especially when you were on the street during day time.  Somehow, when we reached our room at night, it was getting cold. Wife had to put on  sweater to sleep. One thing for sure, Cameron Highlands undergo massive development in recent years, with new hotels and new attractions such as Lavender farms, strawberry farms mushrooming.

This time round, we visited the Sg. Palas Boh plantation as well as Lavender Farm.

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Nice Lunch en route Fraser’s Hill

6 February 2012
It was nice to have long stretch of Chinese New Year holidays, then comes another long holidays with Awal Muharram fell on a Sunday followed by Thaipusam on Tuesday. We felt like going somewhere not so far but comfortable. Finally decided on Fraser’s Hill where we can still get rooms at reasonable price last minute with cooling temperature.
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