A stroll in the park

19 May 2014

We planned for visit to 普达措 National Park today. The park was divided into 3 sections, where you had the options to walk or to take bus, or boat at selected spots.

We chose to walk at the first section, and took almost 2 hours to finish the 3.3km journey. The walk was rewarded as the scenery was truely breath taking.

We were to walk on the elevated planks(桟道)to preserve the grass and plants. Along the way, we saw 牦牛 gracefully chewing grass, a picture of serenity.

20150130-12:03:50 am-230707.jpg

20150130-12:03:51 am-231326.jpg

20150130-12:03:51 am-231963.jpg

20150130-12:03:53 am-233234.jpg

20150130-12:03:52 am-232588.jpg

20150130-12:03:55 am-235802.jpg

20150130-12:03:50 am-230049.jpg

20150130-12:03:53 am-233881.jpg

20150130-12:03:54 am-234516.jpg

20150130-12:03:55 am-235165.jpg

20150130-12:03:56 am-236891.jpg

20150130-12:03:57 am-237888.jpg

We spent the afternoon visiting 松赞林寺. One is requested to buy ticket, where you would be transported by bus to the Tibetian temple. Again, a walk upstairs to reach the temple.

20150130-12:13:31 am-811710.jpg

20150130-12:13:29 am-809261.jpg

20150130-12:13:29 am-809966.jpg

20150130-12:13:32 am-812976.jpg

20150130-12:13:32 am-812346.jpg

-12:13:30 am-810624.jpg

We ended our day by having a look at the Shangrila old town, which was partially burned down by a fire in January. It was at this old town my son got his furry toy, after exercising his bargaining skill, which made the old woman seller happily sold him the toy at discounted price.

20150130-12:22:29 am-1349791.jpg

20150130-12:22:30 am-1350438.jpg

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