From Shuang Lang to Dali

21 May 2014

We spent our morning at Shuang Lang, walking around, buying some souvenir, looking at boutiques hotels before driving to Dali.

20150130-12:55:35 pm-46535124.jpg

20150130-12:55:35 pm-46535751.jpg

20150130-12:55:34 pm-46534482.jpg

20150130-12:55:33 pm-46533805.jpg

20150130-12:55:39 pm-46539467.jpg

20150130-12:55:40 pm-46540103.jpg

20150130-12:55:36 pm-46536412.jpg

20150130-12:55:37 pm-46537526.jpg

20150130-12:55:38 pm-46538142.jpg

20150130-12:55:38 pm-46538840.jpg

We hadlunch at Dali, and spent the whole afternoon at 大理古城. Of course, we would not have missed 洋人街. This was also the place boy bought post card for sending back to him self.

20150130-1:00:13 pm-46813763.jpg

20150130-1:00:12 pm-46812754.jpg

20150130-1:00:14 pm-46814380.jpg

20150130-1:00:15 pm-46815002.jpg

20150130-1:00:16 pm-46816731.jpg

20150130-1:00:15 pm-46815984.jpg

We had dinner at the same Restaurant we went yesterday with 阿牛 in the evening at Shuang Lang.

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