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  • 29 Aug – 1 Sept 2015

30 Aug 2015

Most people may think low season may not be good time to visit any island resort, guess this is generally true but may not be all true. We chose to visit Koh Lipe during the monsoon season for

  1. Hotel room rate is so much cheaper
  2. Not so crowded beaches and restaurants
  3. It cannot be raining for all the days during monsoon season-Hopefully

Koh Lipe

Bingo, we  were lucky as for the two days we were there, the weather had been really nice, though cloudy on the first day.

The journey was strenuous though. It was like

Hatyai  hotel pick up – 2 hours car ride to Pak Bara- 1 and a half Bundhaya speed boat ride to Platform-3 minutes Longtail boat ride to Sunrise Beach.

Platform Sunrise beach

We already pre booked room at Akira Lipe Resort, their personnels were thoughtful enough to wait for us at the beach.  We were ferried in a small van to the resort, to be greeted by warm personnel who serve us chill pineapple juice. The view from the hotel lobby was breathtaking, with swimming pool overlooking Pattaya beach. It was about 1.30 pm then.

We checked in Silver Room, the cheapest room range in the resort, which took us a slight bit of walking to reach the room. Room was spacious and clean, with strong Aircond. The slight complaint I had was there was no shaver provided, even upon request and the meager rain shower volume.

Akira Lipe

Breakfast was ok, and I especially enjoyed the Mee Siam, which unfortunately was not served on the second day of our stay. My son loved the pan cake, which was done by an automatic pancake making machine. He was disappointed when the machine was not in order on the second day of our stay, apparently the machine was spoilt by an Alfonsoo.

The day was hot and yet my son was busy building sand fishes, crabs etc, with the plastic moulds we acquired at 120 baht at a shop at Pak Bara.


The sand was fine and soft, and posted great threat to my cameras. Looking at me trying to stuff my camera bag into the Laundry bag which I brought out from hotel, which appeared to be a tead too small, the  sexy Thai lady who operated the restaurant was kind enough to offer me a black garbage bag. This was exactly what I love about Thais, they do things with their hearts.

Restaurant Lipe

Towards the evening, our time was spent in swimming pool, with the adults pool attached to a bar, which has no short of beers to accompany you through the beautiful evening.

We decided to explore our evening at Walking street, the Bukit Bintang district in Koh Lipe. Low season made real difference as some of the shops chose not to open during this period.

Passing by the entrance of the walking street, we were greeted by an elderly man, who sat at a corner at the upper floor of a bar, welcoming us to have a drink at his establishment. I never had a chance to patronize his joint, but felt warm every time I passed by, where he would said something like “one drink for the night”.

We had grilled tiger prawn, grilled big squid, fried vegetable and noodles for the first night. All were fresh and tasty. One thing worth mentioning was the freshly made mango shake, which I could easily down two at one time, it was sweet, concentrated and original.

Grill squid

31 Aug 2015

We spent our morning at Pattaya beach, playing on the beach and submerged ourselves in crystal clear sea water. The sun was hot. We settled ourselves at deck chairs in front of Mali Resort, quenching thirst with Singha beer and fresh coconut.

It went on for two hours before we dragged our son back to hotel, when the sea water had risen much to cover a big part of the beach front.

We spent our lunch with some pancake, Thai dishes and “kor thod”, which I bought from outside stall. The Thai lady asked me about the situation in Malaysia as she read some negative news on Internet. I assured her it was all well and fine in Malaysia.

We took a stroll to Sunrise beach, to be escorted by a brown flurry friend. She seemed to try to lead us to the beach, where we were not awarded initially and took the wrong road, until we asked the local villager, who pointed us the correct path, which was the path lead by the brown flurry friend just a while ago.

Sunrise beach was picture perfect, with beautiful curve and it’s fine sand, augmented by some fishing boats, and some modern speed boats used to ferry sea goers. This is the spot where Castaway Resort located. My son continued his quest to brave the waves at the beach front, classifying waves into King, queen and baby.

Speedboat Waveashore Beach front Fishing boats

Wife had a great time sitting on a swing hanged beneath a big tree, reliving her childhood moment.

The afternoon heat really worns us out, and we finally  gave in and passed through gypsy village resort and walked back to our resort at Pattaya beach.

The evening at Pattaya beach was a quiet sight during low season, with some sitting at beach front bar enjoying drinks and music.

We spent our time observing small fishes and colourful crabs at the sea shore, before heading to Walking Street once again for dinner.

WelcomeShow timeLipe pub Lipe

Wife took foot massage after dinner, whilst my son fell asleep beside me at the couch. The operator offered me to placed my son on one of the foot massage sofa, and deliberately got him a blanket, to make sure that he won’t get cold. It was all these little things that made Thailand one of the best spots for Tourists.

1 Sept 2015

It was time to go back and we were ferried by motorcycle taxi to the beach once to take Longtail boat to Platform. A small incident happened when the motorcycle toppled backwards while we were alighting from the motorcycle taxi as the vehicle became bottom heavy after the people in front alighted. Yes, the motorcycle was packed with six including the driver with luggages.

Another 1 and a half speedboat ride plus 1 and a half hour taxi ride brought us to Hatyai airport.

We had our lunch at one restaurant at the airport, and after sitting for more than an hour sorting out photos and transferring them to hard disc, I forgot to pay the bill. The waitress managed to locate us at the boarding gate, and with much apologies, I quickly settled the 500 baht bill, how embarrassing.




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