First Night in Bangkok

May 4, 2012 Bangkok

There is a reason why we get ourselves in Sala Daeng, but without GPS and with five exits at Sala Daeng BTS, we just didn’t know which exit will lead us to Sala daeng Soi 2. We took the No 3 exit finally and get ourselves at Thaniya road instead. Passed by lots of road side stalls selling various staffs from T Shirts to ornaments to light sheds, we felt exhausted and rested ourselves for nice cup of coffee and Swiss roll.

This particular Star Bucks is located in business district and they closed at 8pm, which for us is quite unusual for a Star Bucks. With tiring bodies with stomach bloated after taking coffee, we felt it will be good to take a cab back to hotel and call it a day.

We flagged down a cab and headed our way back, had a small chat with cab driver for dinner places nearby. It suddenly strucked my mind I used to have Thai food dinner at a restaurant nearby, the cab driver could relate it to Somboon and drove it to Surawong road, but reminded us we might have to wait as it is a Friday night.

It was fortunate that the wait was only about 15 minutes and we had a table near to the restaurant entrance.

The specialty here is the curry crab, and it will not disappoint.

We of course ordered the curry crab, together with fried rice and fried oyster with egg

Even though it was called curry crab, the dish is not spicy, even by my wife’s standard. It has thick gravy with mesh egg and 韭菜 in it.

Fried noodles is nice and nice salty. I suspect they would expect you to eat it with the gravy from other dishes. Again 韭菜 was in the picture together with lots of bean sprouts

They serve general portion of oyster at reasonable price. Of course it tastes good.

We would definitely enjoy much more if our appetite were not slightly spoilt by the coffee earlier, then again, without the short rest at comfortable sofas at Star Bucks, we don’t think we even have the mood to come over.

This is life

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