Lunch at Slim River Fook Seng Restaurant

17 Feb 2014

After a winding ride downhill from Cameron Highlands, we en route Bidor to get some Petai and biscuits at 品珍 Restaurant. We then continued on trunk road and drove about 40 minutes before reaching 福成 Restaurant at Slim River.

I knew this place thanks to a good buddy of mine Robin and had been patronising this place for years, long before they shifted to the new shop today. The 老板娘 is very friendly and approachable. I surfed through net to find that many people had written much positive comments about this restaurant.

As we just had river prawns at Tanjung Tualang two days ago at 联芳 Restaurant, we had decided to scape them today. Instead, we had ordered Clay Pot Tapah, my long time favourite. With some mandarine orange skin 果皮, ginger and of course the fresh Tapah fish, i can easilly finish two big bowl of rice with this dish alone.



Other than that, we had kangkung belacan with prawns, a herbal chicken, as well as fried Kailan with grill pork 炒烧肉芥




Restoran Fook Seng at Slim River Tel : 012 521 3013

After getting out from Slim River toll, one just need to turn left at the traffic light, as drive about 200 meters, the restaurant is strategically located on the right.

2 thoughts on “Lunch at Slim River Fook Seng Restaurant

  1. angel

    Overall the dishes was good. However when it comes to paying the bill, I got a shock to know that the river prawns costs RM 20 per piece. Other dishes were overpriced too. Then when I was complaining, the patrons beside told me there were difference in price for regular customers and newbie like me who the boss could detect when I was not familiar with the dishes to order.

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry for replying late. It was not for me to comment where pricing is concerned, but frankly, i was not aware about the so-called regular and newbie price though. Personally I patronize this restaurant twice or more yearly, definitely not considered “Regular”.

      I was glad to hear you enjoyed the food. To me, that is the essence, but prices for fresh water prawns may easily ranged from RM90 onwards per Kg nowadays, so RM20/piece for fresh water prawn may not be considered expensive if the prawn was big.


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