Yi Ping and Loy Kratong 2014

6 Nov 2014

This trip was specifically planned for my wife, who wanted to participate in the massive Yi Ping event held annually at Myojo University at Chiangmai.

Lots of efforts and studies were done, including speculating when the event at Myojo University would be held. As a norm, a massive event for local Thais will be held near the actual Yi Peng day, while another opened specially for Farang would be held about 2 weeks after the actual Yi Peng day. To prepare for this, I had planned to arrive 1 day before actual Yi Peng day and leaving only 2 days after Yi Peng, but that is only so much one could planned as in this year, the organiser had decided to have the ceremony for local Thais to be held about 2 weeks before actual Yi Peng day but left the actual day for celebration by Farang. Feeling disappointed? For sure, end up wife was the one who consoled me that it was OK to miss the Myojo University celebration.

We were soon to find out that she was absolutely correct, as on the actual Yi Peng day it self, there was a massive celebration near a bridge at Chiangmai town and trust me, the crowd was massive, this was a Yi Peng cum Loy Kratong celebration where ones let go off Lanterns as well as Crating (boat) at the river.

We stayed at the strategically located Centara Duangtawan Hotel where the walk to the bridge took us less than 10 minutes. We saw the crowd started building up by 8pm, where lots of people heading to the bridge, passing by our hotel.

Along the way to the bridge, there are peddler selling beautiful Kratongs, Lanterns (Both plains and some with designs such as Angry Birds, Bears etc). There were also hawkers selling bags, shirts . Along the road were restaurants and also small pubs.

We reached at about 8.30pm, where the place was already so crowded, managed to find a place for letting go Lanterns






Some even comes with firecarackers


Let it go….Let it go


Now you want to let go Lanterns



Let go of Kratongs in the river was another highlight

If not because of the drizzling, as well as some unexpected event, I would like to spend time with my wife, sitting in one of the smaller pubs, enjoying the Singha while listening to music played by live band.




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