Temples exploration in Chiangmai

6 Nov 2014

I had done some readings regarding temples in Chiangmai and was overwhelmed with many names of the wats mentioned. I somehow never jotted them down and relied upon our hired faithful and knowledgeable driver Ah Dee.

He first stopped us at Wat Chedi Luang, which i deemed a must-go if you were to visit temples in Chiangmai. It was an old temple with intricate craftings and architecture. The inner of the temple is grand and yet sirene. I would had snapped more photos if not because of family members wanting to move on to other places.

Wat Chedi Luang





The next was Wat Phra Singh, apparently equally renowned as Wat Chedi Luang. My personal opinion about the temple was the temple appeared to be too commercialized. My opinion aside, the crowd was massive during my time of visit at noon.

Wat Phra Singh


After lunch at Doi Suthep, we continued our journey to Wat Suan Dok, the sights that caught my attention was all the white pagodas beside the main temple.

Wat Suan Dok




Some of us adjourned to umbrella factory following the van driver. My dad, mum and I subsequently took a Song Thaew to Wat Chiangman, known as the oldest temple in Chiangmai.

Wat Chiangman



As this article was all about temple, I shall continue our temple visit experiences.

On the 7 Nov, we went to Chiangrai doing a day trip, it was taxing as the one way journey already took easily 4 hours(If I remembered correctly). Our main objective was to visit the white temple, Wat Rongkhun. From my Thai friend’s information, the temple experienced earthquake recently, at the time of our arrival, the temple underwent some restoration work and the entrance into the inside of the temple was closed.

We arrived at about 2pm and could hardly took a photo without the presence of other tourists, until there was a down pour and most of the tourists ran away for hiding.

Wat Rongkhun






The glittering of the temple came from all the small pieces of glass enclaved to the structure.

On the 8 Nov, under the recommendation from Ah Dee, we went to Wat Doi Suthep in the evening instead of during day time. It turned out that his suggestion was brilliant. The scenery at night was picture perfect, with lower temperature great for a decent scroll at the temple.

One could either climbed up the stairs in order to reach the temple, or took a cable car to reach to the top. I chose the former, it wasn’t that difficult a task after all.

Wat Doi Suthep

Stairs leading up the temple







It is all part of a day’s work


The temples in Chiangmai to me were definitely worth visiting for their intricate and fine crafting. For most of them, you may just find yourself a cosy corner to sit down, and enjoy the serenity without disturbance. I would definitely love to revisit some of these temples one day.

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