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Day 3 in Phuket

October 20th 2006

It was the third day of our trip, we headed to Chalong Wat, which we found to our surprise to house the Buddha relic . The Buddha relic was transported all the way back from Sri Lanka. You may find Chalong Wat’s history illustrated at the temple, which we will not further explain here.

We headed for “Kan Eng”, after hearing so much of good comments about them. On the way to “Kan Eng”, the weather was so hot that we stopped by a coffee shop for some drinks. My wife tasted the glutinous rice and love it so much, now pestering me to go back to Phuket for more. At the coffee shop, we spotted some “Muay Thai” trainees having thier lunches at the coffee shop, some of them may be as young as six years old! Apparently, there is a “Muay Thai” stadium at the back of the coffee shop. We took a photo of the “Muay Thai” stadium.

Finally, we arrived at “Kan Eng”, it is located next to the beach with tables by the seaside. Looking out to the sea, you will see plenty of yachts berthing at the sea. Again, we ordered some Thai

dishes, not forgetting the “curry crabs”. Most importantly, a Heineken to fight off the thirst. “Kan Eng” itself is surrounded by trees, thus very cosy although we were there at noon, the sea breeze added to more comfort.

We stayed there for almost two hours before we finally decided to leave. I got a shock when I did not find my motorcycle key. I looked around the table and the surrounding area, then I traced back to the place where I chose the seafood, after that to the washroom, but still failed to locate the key. A waiter spotted my anxiety and few of them joined in the search. One of them found a key, but not ours. Finally, an alert waiter found my key, covered in a menu which they presented to us earlier, I felt so relief and thankful for the efforts they put in the key search.

After taking rest in the hotel, we took a ride to Patong, where we had an aromatic massage. You can’t say that you have been to Thailand until you had some sort of massage here. The massage was fantastic, with a room for both of us. Without the rain, the ride back to Karon did not seem so long and cold.
Tomorrow, we will leave Phuket, we promised ourselves and Phuket island that we will make a return.


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Day 2 in Phuket

19 Oct 2006

It was a long journey for my wife and I, we realised this after we looked back at the map in the hotel.

We started in the morning, riding motorcycle from Karon to Kamala beach, one of the beaches worst hit by tsunami back in Y2004. We saw the efficiency and the care of the Thai government in promoting their tourism business, signboards are placed everywhere to lead tourists to safer place in case of any recurrence.

We stopped by a hut to get some drinks and rest, before we continued our journey to Surin Bay, the water was crytal clear and the weather was fuming hot. Next to the beach is Laguna Phuket, where some of the 5 star hotels and resorts are located.

We were ambitious enough to continue our journey to Phuket town under the hot burning sun, the ride took us another 40 minutes or so. By the time we reached the town, my wife just could not bear the heat any longer, we headed to a fast food chain and ordered the BBQ pork in rice paste, something we do not get in the fastfood chain in Malaysia. We were rejuvenated and grabbed  some beers and dragon fruits before heading back to hotel.
For the night, we headed to Kata beach and savoured some local Thai food. Look at our rock lobsters. There are lots of western restaurants in Phuket, but as for us, local food in every country will always be our priority.

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Day 1 in Phuket

October 18th 2006

Thanks to Air Asia and now everyone can fly, I can’t help but to promote this airline of Malaysia. Both my wife and I had been using Air Asia to reach Phuket island for the second time, first being two years ago for our Honeymoon.

It was nearing the end of Monsoon season this time round and the weather was so good, and hot. It was exactly the beach weather we were expecting. The tour bus dropped us off at our chosen hotel in Karon Beach, a choice we made as we wanted a quieter place to stay for this trip. The hotel was not by the sea but every room in the hotel has access to the swimming pool. Karon beach has undergone rapid development for the past two years, we saw more new hotels mushrooming here and there.

The first thing we did after checking in was to look for transportation, which will bring us about for the next few days, and to the food outlet immediately. We rented a motorcycle and scout around for quick bites, as we wanted to catch the sunset at Promthep Cape, an activity we missed two years ago.

WE MADE  IT THIS TIME, we just managed to catch the sunset and we never regretted it. The scene lasted for less than 15 minutes before the sun totally disappeared from the sky.
We then crossed the mountain and got ourselves to the Molly Malone’s in Patong for our dinner. The way back to Karon beach was a long ride as it was still drizzling then and certain parts of the roads are without street lights. Worse still, I sacrificed my Adidas sunglasses as it just flew off my shirt during the ride.


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