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My renew experience in Cameron Highlands

16 Feb 2014

It has been at least two years since we last visited Cameron Highlands. People around saying it is no longer cooling like previous due to over development, thus we did not put high hope on getting chilled.

It is indeed not as  cold, especially when you were on the street during day time.  Somehow, when we reached our room at night, it was getting cold. Wife had to put on  sweater to sleep. One thing for sure, Cameron Highlands undergo massive development in recent years, with new hotels and new attractions such as Lavender farms, strawberry farms mushrooming.

This time round, we visited the Sg. Palas Boh plantation as well as Lavender Farm.

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Lunch at Slim River Fook Seng Restaurant

17 Feb 2014

After a winding ride downhill from Cameron Highlands, we en route Bidor to get some Petai and biscuits at 品珍 Restaurant. We then continued on trunk road and drove about 40 minutes before reaching 福成 Restaurant at Slim River.

I knew this place thanks to a good buddy of mine Robin and had been patronising this place for years, long before they shifted to the new shop today. The 老板娘 is very friendly and approachable. I surfed through net to find that many people had written much positive comments about this restaurant.

As we just had river prawns at Tanjung Tualang two days ago at 联芳 Restaurant, we had decided to scape them today. Instead, we had ordered Clay Pot Tapah, my long time favourite. With some mandarine orange skin 果皮, ginger and of course the fresh Tapah fish, i can easilly finish two big bowl of rice with this dish alone.



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Xi Tang 西塘

29 Dec 2013


After the morning breakfast, we took a cab to Hangzhou railway station, where we bought our train ticket to Xi Tang, via 嘉善南. It was during this time I felt every single penny worth I spent on my Deuter 55+10.  Hangzhou railway station was an old station, there was this part where we had to lug our luggage down staircase, Yes, no escalator. Without it, it was just impossible for me to manage 2 trolley bags (We still brought 1 trolley bag with us).

After about 30 minutes train ride to 嘉善南, we took a cab for RMB 100 to reach Xi Tang 平桥. I knew very well at RMB 100, it was on the high side (Our cab fee from Xi tang back to same train station cost us RMB 70), but at that time, I was more than willing to pay the extra. You just could not imagine the second we stepped out from the train station, the strong wind that greeted us was brutal, it was not something a child could bare. The cab ride took about 30 minutes, about 20 over km according to the cab driver, not that expensive if you think about it.

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Hangzhou 杭州

27 Dec 2013

After the success in self-organized trip to Li Jiang, I started to get the thrill of organizing trips. Frankly, it is never an easy task. It entails endless nights of surfing travel web sites, travel blogs, hotel booking sites and of course, the forever reliable google maps. I have to say all these efforts pay off however, as with sufficient information on hand, most of the doubts one cast when touching into foreign land are cleared in advance, e.g. how much would be the taxi fare from Airport to Hotel?

It took us 5 hours to reach Xiao Shan Airport from LCCT. We already foresee the cold winter that welcome us, popping into the cab, the cab driver said today is the coldest day in this week, at about 2 degree celcius in a cloudy afternoon.


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Curry Fish Head Lunch at Taman Wahyu

Well, I must say that I am confused as I do not know how to classify this meal. The cooking method is a mix of Indian and Chinese and the sign board is definitely a chinese restaurant.

Located at Taman Wahyu, Kuala Lumpur, this restaurant is famous for its Curry Fish Head. As you may see from the picture, I suppose you will agree that it is a typical Chinese restaurant, but look at the dishes served,

Yes, Curry Tiger Prawns, and

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Lunch at Kemaman, Trengganu

17 April 2012

I had been to this restaurant a few times, when ever I was traveling to East Coast. I believe this place is familiar to lots of people, especially when one talks about “stuffed crab”.

It is called Tong Juan restaurant, located in Kemaman. After about 1 hours drive from Kuantan, we have decided to stopped by for lunch.

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Seafood at Kuala Selangor via LATAR

14 April 2012
Have always heard from others how fast is it to commute nowadays from Rawang to Kuala Selangor. We travelled to Kuala Selangor, to be specific Pasir Penamban periodically for 2 reasons. One for lunch and secondly also purchase some fresh fishes for meals.
My route was mostly like PJ – Meru (via NKVE) – Kuala Selangor, it normally took me 1 hour 15 minutes. 
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