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Grand Lexis Port Dickson

5 apr 2013

Always admired those people owning private pool, my dream finally came true…..not quite, but book ourselves a deluxe suite room at grand Lexis with private pool.

I must admit i was quite taken by Port Dickson, this time- mainly because of the Water Front at Port Dickson town, supposed the project was completed recently as everything was clean and well organized, for the lease there are Mc Donald’s and Papa Rich

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Lake Toba

13 Feb 2013

This year, Chinese New Year fell on 10 Feb, 2013. Felt a waste if did not fully utilize CNY holiday, I scouted for cheap air tickets last minute. Found KL-Medan return ticket for less than RM400/pax, felt it reasonably price for 1 hour travel, why not try Lake Toba this time?

After committed for air tickets, I started researching information about Toba and Medan, felt a sucker when I read some blogs where other people got return KL-Medan ticket for less than RM100, but what to do, it is CNY and everything is expensive, including hotels in Toba Lake.

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Nasi Kukus Lunch in Kelantan

18 April 2012

I am not familiar with Kelantanese food as I do not travel here often. Along the way some how, I spotted quite a number of Nasi Kukus stalls.

It was a rather hot day at 1 pm and yes, 1 pm means time for lunch, but what to eat for lunch and where?

With some observation, you will find there are some stalls with lots of people queuing for food, and this is deftly one of them. It is located at the road from Kota Bahru to Kuala Krai

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