Tour to Shangrila -A different type of tour

16-18 May 2014

I had always wanted to visit Shangrila after hearing so much wonderful stories from the local tour guide during my visit to LiJiang last year.

After round of persuasions, finally gained green light from my Home Minister to book air tickets KUL-KMG-KUL during May 2014.

We always preferred to use public transportation during tour, for cost reason of course, and for the fact that we could really experienced the local life style. This time was an exception though, in view of the transportation within towns may not be as convenient, and journey to Shangrila may not be pleasant if we were to use public transport. We opted for the local tour guide I knew last year, and had arranged him to meet us up the second night we reached Li Jiang.

We touched Kunming, and thanks to the help of my friend Moo, who was kind enough to help book return ticket KMG-Lijiang-KMG, we took connecting flight and arrived at Lijiang Int Airport at night.

A taxi ride of around 30 minutes brought us to Lijiang old town entrance. A young man came out and walked us to our pre booked hotel 木石缘. The walk to the hotel was chilling with gushing wind blown to us, we had to stop to put our jackets on.

It was cold at night even during the spring season, and we went to bed shortly after arriving at hotel.

We had some simple breakfast the next morning at 满庭芳, todate, i still remember the piping hot fried rice.

The next stop was to 木府, which i had visited last year. The climb to the top was definitely good exercise.

20150129-10:50:41 pm-82241244.jpg

20150129-10:50:41 pm-82241941.jpg

20150129-10:50:42 pm-82242617.jpg

Tour guide 阿牛 met us at night. I specifically requested to have dinner at the place i went a year ago, for piping hot soup with running chicken.

20150129-10:53:46 pm-82426484.jpg

20150129-10:53:47 pm-82427149.jpg

The 耙耙 and 野菜 to go with the mouth watering soup

20150129-10:56:01 pm-82561333.jpg

20150129-10:56:01 pm-82561983.jpg

We get ourselves well rested as we anticipated long drive tomorrow from Lijiang to Shangrila, which took us about 8 hours, with stop at 金沙江 and 虎跳峡.

Once away from Lijiang town, it was a narrow at uphill road, still remembered seeing lots of potatoes plant at road side. We stopped by at a temple and took some shots.

20150129-11:04:25 pm-83065300.jpg

20150129-11:04:24 pm-83064609.jpg

20150129-11:04:25 pm-83065982.jpg

20150129-11:04:23 pm-83063914.jpg

The climb up from 虎跳峡 was strenuous. My son managed it well with 阿牛 while i was at the back, most of the time waiting for my panting wife.

20150129-11:08:53 pm-83333031.jpg

20150129-11:08:52 pm-83332357.jpg

20150129-11:08:50 pm-83330964.jpg

20150129-11:08:51 pm-83331656.jpg

20150129-11:08:53 pm-83333701.jpg

We had simple lunch near 虎跳峡 and continue journey uphill. The scenery was picturesque with snow mountain as back drop. We made some stops in between, enjoying strawberries we bought, and took many pictures. 阿牛 knew exactly where to stop for pictures as he was a photographer and used to bring couples for wedding photo shooting.

20150129-11:16:17 pm-83777220.jpg

20150129-11:16:15 pm-83775647.jpg

20150129-11:16:14 pm-83774959.jpg

20150129-11:16:14 pm-83774209.jpg

20150129-11:16:19 pm-83779480.jpg

20150129-11:16:20 pm-83780163.jpg

20150129-11:16:16 pm-83776383.jpg

20150129-11:16:17 pm-83777991.jpg

20150129-11:16:18 pm-83778743.jpg

We stopped at 小中甸 where boy had enjoyable horse ride, and met friendly old Tibetian woman who was willing to pose for photo taking. Also met few little fellas who were not camera shy, and also big 藏獒.

20150129-11:34:43 pm-84883306.jpg

20150129-11:34:41 pm-84881979.jpg

20150129-11:34:42 pm-84882663.jpg

20150129-11:34:43 pm-84883954.jpg

Got this shot from outside a Tibetian home and we subsequently stopped to take some wild flowers shots. Reached Shangrila with tired bodies but high spririts. We ended our day with steamboat and settled down at hotel.

20150129-11:41:36 pm-85296569.jpg

20150129-11:41:35 pm-85295243.jpg

20150129-11:41:38 pm-85298570.jpg

20150129-11:41:37 pm-85297218.jpg

20150129-11:41:35 pm-85295919.jpg

20150129-11:41:37 pm-85297885.jpg

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