The drive to Shuang Lang

20 May 2014

The beauty of Shangrila is that every part of it is so scenic, just drive along the road and you may find the scenery at the side is always picture perfect. The time we were there was during May with wild flowers blooming, showing specks of reds surrounded by green leaves.

阿牛stopped at a Tibetian friend’s house and we were honoured to be invited into Tibetian’s house. The house was filled in red and consist of two storey. The second storey was where they lived and was decorated with drape of cloths, or canvas

20150130-3:49:10 pm-56950127.jpg

We were served with 酥油茶,青棵 as well as 乳酪, and we had all these outside in the open, in front of a flowing stream. Boy on one hand was busy running about, chasing running chicken.

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We later proceed to 月亮湖, which was located off main road. It took people like who are in the know to bring us there. He made full use of his cross over vehicle.

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After having Muslim food near 虎跳峡, it was four hours journey on high way heading to Dali, where we exit near Dali to Shaunglang, our stop for the night.

Shuang Lang used to be a place with some small fishing village at the side of 洱海. The recent development in tourism had made Shuang Lang in the radar, especially at 大建村.

Similar to Lijiang, vehicles were not allowed to enter certain part of the town. I had to walk and asked around for the pre booked hotel, to find out later that the hotel made a mistake and had allocated our pre booked room for some one else. Frustrated aside, i had to make a fast decision to get our accomodation for the night. It was considered rather high season and we were lucky to get ourselves a room at 水云天 hotel. The boss was a friendly and capable woman.

Managed to relax at the hotel roof top before we had dinner at a restaurant opened by a Hong Kong man.

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