A quiet night at 束河

22 May 2014

We had booked a flight from Lijiang back to Kunming on 23 May 2014. Instead of overnight at Lijiang, we had decided to try out 束河,a quiet town about 3km away from Lijiang.

阿牛 had arranged us a room at 五味客栈,operated by a young and friendly man, a friend of his.

The hotel was basic, but very tastefully furnished. From the hotel, we would take about three minutes walk to the town centre, where the drinking place were. 束河 was basically a smaller, quieter, more artistically furnished (imho) town compared Lijiang. Given a chance, my next stay would be here instead of LiJiang.

20150130-1:36:14 pm-48974592.jpg

20150130-1:37:31 pm-49051695.jpg

20150130-1:37:33 pm-49053929.jpg

20150130-1:37:31 pm-49051086.jpg

20150130-1:37:32 pm-49052714.jpg

20150130-1:37:33 pm-49053322.jpg

20150130-1:37:35 pm-49055511.jpg

20150130-1:37:36 pm-49056106.jpg

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