Nasi Kukus Lunch in Kelantan

18 April 2012

I am not familiar with Kelantanese food as I do not travel here often. Along the way some how, I spotted quite a number of Nasi Kukus stalls.

It was a rather hot day at 1 pm and yes, 1 pm means time for lunch, but what to eat for lunch and where?

With some observation, you will find there are some stalls with lots of people queuing for food, and this is deftly one of them. It is located at the road from Kota Bahru to Kuala Krai

I had not done any research to the exact meaning of Nasi Kukus, to me, it is like Nasi Campur

The fried chicken is sweet and crispy.

I took Nasi with fried chicken, vegetable and fish, which comes with gravy. I like the sweeten taste of Kelantanese curry.

Meals for two with drinks, for less than RM15, what else could you expect?

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