A “Long” Trip to Sekinchan

20 August 2012

It was the 2nd day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and I assumed that traffic should had eased considerably. I was wrong.

At LATAR highway, I did have the feelings, traffic was clear. The slight jam started when we reached Assam Jawa, but it was still moving jam. Traffic was a little bit slow when we arrived near Tanjung Karang, polices did their work though in directing traffic, overall, we reached Sekinchan in 2 hours time from KL

It started to drizzle when we sighted Redang beach, managed to take some quick shots before finding shelter in our car.

At the tree house, there are swings and hammocks for relaxation of both locals and tourists

Children enjoy the swing while the adults busy swinging the swing at both ends

At the drizzle continued, we took an umbrella and started scrolling the area until we found a shelter and start taking some shots. The shelter happened to be a location selling fishes, we were there for sometime until some one thought that we were waiting for the arrival of fishing boat.

I was amazed at the sheer numbers of people visiting Sekinchan. At 4 pm when we arrived at Sekinchan, most of the sea food restaurants were still full of patrons. By the time our stomach grumble and we started hunting for dinner at 5.30pm, there were still crowds building up at most of the restaurant.

Thought of trying Jian Chi Restaurant as I had read many bloggers blogging this restaurant, we were disappointed to find that it was closed, but we just saw it opened at 4pm??? Looking at the banner hanging in front of the restaurant, we then realized that the restaurant opened for lunch until 3pm. Looked like they were closed late today to cater for the huge numbers of lunch crowd.

We finally chose to try Lau Wan. As there were only both of us, we ordered 3 dishes which were

They mentioned that due to Hari Raya, the fishermen were not out to the sea. Luckilly, the dish still turned out fresh.

We also ordered a fish with Thai style (onions and chili padi). The sauce was a bit sour and nice, fish meat was OK.

We also took fried squid, which turned out crispy and fresh.

Coupled with 1 big bottle of Carlsberg, one pot of Chinese tea and 1 glass of warm water, the bill came out to RM60+. i deem the price reasonable, what say you?

The return journey was jam, with people on the way back to KL. the crawling spot were at before reaching Tanjung Karang and after crossing the big bridge at Kuala Selangor. We took more than 2 hours to reach KL.

Spending more than 4 hours in traffic just to have a dinner and some photographs, you might deem me stupid. For me, it was the best time spending with my beloved wife… Priceless

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