Lake Toba

13 Feb 2013

This year, Chinese New Year fell on 10 Feb, 2013. Felt a waste if did not fully utilize CNY holiday, I scouted for cheap air tickets last minute. Found KL-Medan return ticket for less than RM400/pax, felt it reasonably price for 1 hour travel, why not try Lake Toba this time?

After committed for air tickets, I started researching information about Toba and Medan, felt a sucker when I read some blogs where other people got return KL-Medan ticket for less than RM100, but what to do, it is CNY and everything is expensive, including hotels in Toba Lake.

Arrived Medan at 8.45am local time, check out process did not take long and found driver Mr Sam already waiting at Arrival Hall with a tank card with my name.

Sam was courteous and spoke good English, we were advised there will be a 4 hours car ride to Parapat and we would take our breakfast in an hour time

Sam stopped us at this restaurant where we had Indonesian food, ambience was good but find food ordinary and price was definitely not cheap.

Found this fish head quite tasty though, the gravy was like our Penang asam laksa and the fish’s texture is smooth

The chicken is sweet and they used Kampung chicken, which I found the flesh a bit hard

Ambience wise was definitely not bad and clean

We continued our journey after breakfast and along the way, we saw oil palm estates, rubber estates, Batak style churches, schools, both Pekan Baru town and Permatang Siantar, before finally reaching Parapat. This route was however, smooth and the road condition was good compared what we experienced the next day.














We had a break a Parapat at a Warong with magnificent lake view, after that we proceed to ferry terminal and onboard a ferry which took 30 minutes to reach Tuk Tuk, a town in Samosir when we would spent the night at Samosir Villa resort.

I especially enjoyed the ferry ride, which cost a meager 10K rupiah per pax (approx RM3.30). We onboard ferry at about 3.30pm and it was drizzling, Parapat is located at 800 metres above sea level and the air is cooling. With mist covering part of mountains, the scenery was just picturesque.

The ferry would dropped you at your hotel pier, the locals just continued their daily activities in front of hotels

This person started offering his service once we reached our hotel pier

The boat man waved good bye to us

Samosir Villa Resort is considered the best resort in Samosir Island, after checking in, we proceed to renting a bike (kereta in local language) and start exploring the island.

The evening air was fresh with minimal pollution, the cooling air kept blowing to us as we rode the bike carefully negotiating along small road and avoiding water puddles. Riding next to paddy view with misty hills as background, the view was great and the feeling…Priceless

We stopped at stone chairs near to 6 pm to take some photos and rushed back to hotel before the day turned dark.

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  1. Haydy

    Hi, i will go to Medan this May 2013 and still looking for driver, can you share with me how is your Lake toba driver Mr sam service and price? and can you give me his contact no ? TQ


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