Grand Lexis Port Dickson

5 apr 2013

Always admired those people owning private pool, my dream finally came true…..not quite, but book ourselves a deluxe suite room at grand Lexis with private pool.

I must admit i was quite taken by Port Dickson, this time- mainly because of the Water Front at Port Dickson town, supposed the project was completed recently as everything was clean and well organized, for the lease there are Mc Donald’s and Papa Rich

Checked in quite late at 5pm. Lobby was nice and service was ok. Our room was located opposite main building and we were brought to the room by buggy. The room was located next to some apartment cum shop lots blocks thus hotel management barricaded the area and placed security guards for 24 hours guarding.

The room was elongated, probably to cater to the pool, with 2 king sized bed. The room came with free wifi, and complementary beverages including 2 packs of Boh ice lemon tea, Boh green tea bags, coffee etc.

The pool was 4 feet deep, boy could scroll the pool tip toeing. To adults, the pool may appeared too small for swimming but for my 5 years old, the pool was a giant play ground. He could played from throwing the 2 buoys to cause water splashes, to grabbing my spectacles and threw into the pool, sinking the plastic tea pot, throwing plastic Salty and Percy(the thomas trains toys, those were hard when hit on head), not forgetting the floating plastic ducks.

The next morning, went for breakfast. Wife got shocked when saw one middle age man, tasting the salad dressings with spoons provided at each of the salad dressing bowls…..Yaks. No salads for me of course, for this morning.

Tried local breakfast with fried noodle, rendang chicken. Long wait for beef strips were to be expected as they were fried on the spot, nice and tasty. Overall impression for breakfast was ok.

We proceed to big pool after breakfast. I thought the water slide would be a craze for boy, it was indeed but he only played 2 rounds, as there were 2 water buckets at the water slide, which made one soaked in every 25 seconds interval.

He still preferred the private pool, which we soaked in for another 30 minutes before checking out.

Overall, the experience was nice but may not be excellent.

On the wat back, we stopped by Haji Samuri satays at Kajang. A pleasant experience as the satays turned out to be better than expected. The satay pinang something( more tendered beef were used) was sold at RM0.80 per stick. Chicken satays were also nice. Could not forget the teh tarik as it was so so delicious.

Arrived home at 8.30pm.

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