Lake Toba – Medan

14 Feb 2013

Woke up at six in the morning. This gave me the opportunity to take some shots.




Weather was not that great in the morning. A dog stepped up to the leg rest of our rented scooter when we were about to leave the hotel. A man approached us and mentioned that was the dog’s habit when he uses the scooter to fetch children to school, the dog would follow all the way. After a while,we realized we were talking to the hotel owner, Mr Samosir.

We continued our journey in drizzle but had to stop at a hotel when the rain turned heavy. My son found his fun land, the little city boy enjoys playing with rain water so much that he purposely runs out from the shelter to catch the rain. It was here that I got some nice shots of lotus.





I really feel that the simplest things are the best things in life















We checked out to catch 12pm ferry and arrived at Parapat around 12.30pm. After lunch at the only restaurant operated by Chinese in Parapat, we descended to Medan via Barastagi route.

We stopped at Barastagi for dinner, Babi panggang. It was very cheap but the place was dirty with lots of flies.








On the way downhill, which was winding and steep, boy started to get uneasy until he vommitted. We stopped the car to clean him up before continuing the winding journey to the hustle and bussle of Medan town. We arrived late at almost 9pm to check in Aryaduta hotel.

We got upgraded to pool side terrace, which gain instant access to swimming pool from our room.

Thought a bath will make boy feel better, as we assumed the winding road cause boy’s nausea thus the vommiting. Boy continue to vommit, in 15 minute interval.

During the check in, we already explored the possibility of calling a house visit doctor, which cost around 450k rupiah, thought of asking front desk for their service until wife reminded me to check if the fees was inclusive of medicine. Confirmed with front desk other wise and how were we to get medicine at 10.30pm at night?

Finally decided to send boy to hospital at Columbia Asia. Have requested the front desk to called for a cab and ready to take a lift down to ground(Lobby was located at 9th floor) when the hotel staff led us to take lift to 8th floor instead, where they chauffeured us to hospital. The hotel staff named Budi was with us through out, waited for us at the hospital while we waited for boy’s consultation and subsequently collection of medicine. Boy was worried and cried, he was administered and given an injection. Budi helped to take care of boy while i went to collect medicine. The fee did not come high at less than 300k rupiah. Budi subsequently sent us back to hotel, and all this came free, as service offered by hotel in case of emergency. I felt grateful and thankful for the hotel and staffs’ friendliness and care, at a time when we knew nothing as to how to go about at a foreign land. I strongly recommend the hotel to anybody who want to travel Medan.






The next morning, boy recovered and we started our hunt for swimming trunks and also visited the grand mosque, where woman was required to wear a veil to enter into it.









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