My renew experience in Cameron Highlands

16 Feb 2014

It has been at least two years since we last visited Cameron Highlands. People around saying it is no longer cooling like previous due to over development, thus we did not put high hope on getting chilled.

It is indeed not as  cold, especially when you were on the street during day time.  Somehow, when we reached our room at night, it was getting cold. Wife had to put on  sweater to sleep. One thing for sure, Cameron Highlands undergo massive development in recent years, with new hotels and new attractions such as Lavender farms, strawberry farms mushrooming.

This time round, we visited the Sg. Palas Boh plantation as well as Lavender Farm.

Certain stretch of the road leading to the plantation is quite narrow , the exercise of common sense and tolerance is quite important to ensure  a safe and happy journey.  Due to limited parking at the top, the final 200 meters road leading to plantation’s cafe is blocked to avoid heavy congestion(I suppose they do this during week end). However, there are ample parking spaces available and one just needs to walk 200 meters amidst the tea plantation to reach to the cafe.




We were travelling with elderly and I asked the person in charge if they could allowed us to drive the car up, a thumbs up to them who were considerate enough to grant my wish.(To youngsters out there, please don’t do this and save the parkings for the ones who really need it)

The cafe was pack and queue was long, possibly due to Sunday. We ordered some teh tarik and two pots of tea, which were reasonably priced between RM3.50~4.30.

The scenery was mesmerizing, with cool breeze that could make you feel like taking a nap. It would be nice if they could provide some couch or some deck chairs at the restaurant, although I would not if I were the operator. Any way, sitting on the chairs provided and sipping the tea, reading some books, taking some photos, you can easilly kill two hours here. On top of that, they organize factory tour as well.

We also made a stop at the Lavender Garden, where we surrounded ourselves in flower sea. It was a gradual climb uphill, leading us to a cafe, as well as strawberry farm, where my boy enjoyed cutting strawberries. They offered Daisy farm, where one could plucked Daisy flower, which was sold at RM2 per flower.









With RM5 entrance fee for adult and RM3 for child, i felt this a good place to spend say, one and a half hour taking photos and having family activity with kids.

Cameron Lavender Garden   at Triangkap Tel: 05-496 1208

We initially intended to have our dinner at Water Cress Valley,under the recommendation of a friend. I had to do some research on internet later when found out the restaurant was not opened.

We tried Kwan Kee restaurant, which is located at Brinchang town main road, next to Hong Kong hotel. We felt especially grateful when the owner offered us a parking by removing his own car, in view we have elderly folks in our car. The pick turned out to be more than satisfactory, the charcoal steamboat with long chimney served new experience. Other than that, the three dishes we ordered, The Clay Pot Chicken was sweet and tasty, the spring roll was crispy and nice, and the Sambal Petai, was so sumptuous with juicy fresh prawns. Frankly, judging from previous experiences, i had never placed high hope on food in Cameron Highlands. The food at Kwan Kee had changed my perception entirely.







It was a tired outing and everyone slept early tonight.

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