Cycling is definitely one of my greatest past time activities since young. It is now my weapon to reduce my bulging stomach, some how it does not work well thus far.
 15 Sept 2015
It has been few years since I reengaged in my childhood past time activities. Still not able to do much to my bulging stomach, but at least I could now announced that I did 60+ kilometers ride to Port Dickson, managed Gombak-Genting Sempah stretch, rode to Janda Baik and some other places with my faithful bicycles.
Wife did complained the increasing number of bicycles at home but was more than willing to cycle, accompanying our son.
The beauty about cycling is that you control your speed, and paddle at your own leisure. You are in competition with no one, but to yourself. The moment when you managed a stiff hill is always priceless.
18 Aug 2012
I used to think that I can definitely cycle faster than some one fatter than me. It just proved me wrong that day when my friend, who is may be like 5 kg fatter than me, cycled past me like a wind.
 Felt challenged, I paddled hard in order to play catch up, I was just right behind him at the first lap. The situation became bad when it came to the second lap, when I was all out of breathe. To my surprise, that fat guy was still in top form and kept pushing me to continue cycling.

I was doomed when after changing to lowest gear, my legs just refused to paddle. I tried to psyco myself to no aveal and finally made a U-turn to the entrance. My body was like near death and I regain my energy level by gulping in two ice creams.