15 Sept 2015
Food mean different things to different people, and I believe time changes the perception of how one views food. 

During war and femine, the availability of food is scarce that people may take tree roots as food source. I consider myself lucky, one who was borned after the brutality of second world war. The past few decades is  considered good times in this part of the world, with no wars, nor major catastrophes. This prolonged period of good times have definitely increased our expectation and our definition of good food.

One may also view food differently as one aged i suppose. The enjoyment during youth time may mean abalone at high class restaurant, fine dining at Michelin star restaurant, but as one aged, burdened with high colesterol and severe gult, a simple home cooked porridge by spouse may be the best meal in the world.

Life is filled with uncertainties, and I believe one should always appreciate what one has at the present moment, to be filial, to plan and save up for future, but always not forgetting to allocate a part of the resouces, for the enjoyment for the present moment too.

As for myself, one of the gretest enjoyments in life is to savour good food. It does not need to be expensive but definitely need to be of quality, in terms of taste and presentation, by my definition of course.

All said and done, all good things are meant to be shared, great food, without the existence of great company, or coupled with great environment will still be some lacking. Therefore, by my standard for savouring Great Food would be

Great Food+

Great Company+

Great Environment