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Lake Toba – Medan

14 Feb 2013

Woke up at six in the morning. This gave me the opportunity to take some shots.




Weather was not that great in the morning. A dog stepped up to the leg rest of our rented scooter when we were about to leave the hotel. A man approached us and mentioned that was the dog’s habit when he uses the scooter to fetch children to school, the dog would follow all the way. After a while,we realized we were talking to the hotel owner, Mr Samosir.

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Lake Toba

13 Feb 2013

This year, Chinese New Year fell on 10 Feb, 2013. Felt a waste if did not fully utilize CNY holiday, I scouted for cheap air tickets last minute. Found KL-Medan return ticket for less than RM400/pax, felt it reasonably price for 1 hour travel, why not try Lake Toba this time?

After committed for air tickets, I started researching information about Toba and Medan, felt a sucker when I read some blogs where other people got return KL-Medan ticket for less than RM100, but what to do, it is CNY and everything is expensive, including hotels in Toba Lake.

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